RV Generators: Benefits of Use, Maintenance, and Travel

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Purchasing an RV Generator is genuinely a significant investment, but we shall list the reasons why using one will improve the quality of your life as an RV owner.


For people who love outdoor activities and staying outside, especially during summer days, an RV will be the best choice. It could be placed in parks and campgrounds and our group of adventurous people will be living the life. Of course, electricity may be what’s needed the most, even more during hot summer days. At this point, the main question is, why use or purchase an RV generator? Is it a good enough investment to make the lives of “RVers” much better? We shall get into these, one by one. But first, we shall introduce an RV and an RV generator to newbie RVers or people still deciding whether to enter the outdoor lifestyle


What is an RV / RV Generator?

Common people would think that an RV, or a recreational vehicle, is glorified camping gear that only the rich have the means to purchase. But let’s be real, it can actually feel like your home that is literally outside of your home. You can freely decorate it, put modern appliances, and most comforts of a traditional home. However, like a traditional vehicle, there are things like roadside assistance, maintenance, warranties, and more to consider as well.  Even “RV camps” are appearing in scenic and popular tourist locations nowadays. But, if you’re not in a park or campgrounds that offer plug-in power, you may not have the comfort of having electricity. With an RV generator, that will change drastically! A generator is what makes it possible for RV campers to have sufficient electricity when camping off-grid. Having a generator in your gear compartment will improve the quality of an RVer’s life for sure.


Now, let’s consider the reasons why RV campers use or purchase RV generators for their home away from home.

Reasons to Use/Purchase an RV Generator

First things first, for RV beginners or RV users who never thought of going outside of the RV camps that have disposable electricity for their motorhomes, you may be asking, “Don’t RVs have electricity of their own?” Let’s be clear, they actually do. They do have battery systems, some RVs even have their own built-in generators which would usually be used for the appliances. Although, when an RV is not set up in RV parks or campgrounds and are instead in remote locations, the RV is required to generate its own power. Now that’s out of the way, back to our question, “Why use or purchase an RV generator?”



You may have heard of the use of a renewable power source, i.e. solar panels or local wind power. With these, you become too reliant on them and have to ration the power as much as possible. This wouldn’t be the case with generators.


Ability to run more “major” appliances

An RV generator uses fuel to create a relevant amount of power, which helps you use major appliances like your air conditioner and microwave. Despite the RV having its own battery, only a limited amount of electricity can be used simultaneously. Having a generator will surely solve that.


Want an easy life? Be secure

Ever felt that unending feeling of worry whenever you’re using your phone until its last percentage of battery? That will also be your feeling whenever your RV’s crucial infrastructure wouldn’t work because, frankly, your batteries are dead. If you have your RV equipped with security alarms, these may also no longer work if you don’t have a generator.


Stay off the grid: anytime, anywhere

Having a generator would mean you could park your RV anywhere, not just staying in RV parks with plug-in electricity. Within a dark forest living with unknown species of wild animals? Go for it. In high terrains, seeing beautiful views? Even better. You can stay anywhere even without electrical power with no need to sacrifice


Possibility to save on future costs

Of course, generators are not cheap. Depending on the size and type of generators, it would surely be a considerable investment. But if you think of it, instead of paying to set up your RV in an RV Park, you could instead be at your friend’s backyard. Having this option won’t make you choose between dry camping and paying more to be somewhere with electricity.


There are even more reasons as to why you should use or purchase an RV generator, but hopefully, these ones that we presented for you will do the trick for now. Have we convinced you yet to purchase one? RV generators are going to be your best choice for reliable energy. RV generators will surely provide you peace of mind and security in your motorhome.

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