pq is an innovative European brand which brings 3D printing and full customization into the world of eyewear. Invertex have developed the “pq & u” technology to allow this ambitious dream  to become reality. Our software makes it possible to manufacture perfect-fitting optical and sunglasses frames with 3D printing. By 3D scanning and automatic facial feature analysis, this system automatically adjusts each of pq’s beautifully designed frames to perfectly match any face, bringing an unparalleled level of comfort to eyewear.


Customization doesn’t end with matching a frame to a face. After our software has analyzed the shape and features of a face, and has applied the relevant changes to the design of the frames, control is handed to the customer. The customer, then uses an interactive digital mirror to choose the frame color and lens tint they like best. Want to see how different models look on your face for easy comparison? No problem. In the “My Frames” screen, clients can compare the looks and price of all the models they liked. Since this app provides a full solution from scan to finished product, it enables uploading prescriptions for optical lenses, and integrates directly into the 3D printing manufacturing pipeline.