Invertex​ i​s pioneering the revolution of online fitting and mass product customization. Our mobile applications instantly capture and analyze a person’s anatomy in detailed three dimensions. Our satisfied clients now have the capacity to tailor their existing product lines to their customers’ specific needs or create new, fully-customized product lines.

FDRA – Invertex led a webinar discussing and exhibiting solutions to increase shopper’s confidence and accuracy when they chose their size. Both In store and Online.

Invertex participated in the footwear distributors and retailers of america innovation summit

CES – Invertex participated in the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, showcasing it’s 3d eyewear customization technology. Hundreds of people were scanned and perfectly fitted customized eyewear.

Invertex (formerly Platform Orthopedic Solutions) is recognized as one of top 10 companies to complete the prestigious Health Wildcatters startup accelerator program in Dallas, TX.

We love new challenges and are always happy to connect with new friends and partners. Please submit your ideas and we’ll get back to you shortly to explore what we can do together.